Posted by Jake Bourdeau
Deb Nelson is an integrative nutrition life coach consultant and author. On Friday, she presented the experiences of the many inspirational people who have beaten or are managing cancer successfully with the help of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. Ms. Nelson captured their stories in a book that she authored.
Her book, Finding Health After Cancer, had the beginnings in the Yarmouth Rotary Club where she met a friend and they would often go on walks to together. They trained and competed in many of the various hikes and races to help raise funds for cancer fighting agencies. While reading a book about sports training and nutrition, she came across a statement in stating that cancer has a hard time living in an alkaline environment. This statement peaked her interest on the topic, and partly led to her career choice.  She started doing research on nutrition and its relationship to cancer, and she came across many stories whereby people are helping to manage or beat their cancer with lifestyle changes and by eating specific diets, which coincidentally may have an effect on raising the pH in the body towards alkaline.

She believes there are many paths to health when one receives a cancer diagnosis and like a young child might do, she recommends asking questions about it until you really understand what it is you are being told.   
Ms. Nelson shared many different stories including those from the owner of Scratch Bakery, a nurse, a doctor and a journalist. One of the cancer survivors recommended to her that people get a dog. Dogs may take your mind off the cancer, they require exercise from their humans, and they often are a reason for stress reduction.

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(Photo L-R: President John Curran, Deb Nelson and PP Bob Traill.)