Portland Rotary Committees



Constitution and Bylaws
This committee acts on preparing any changes that are necessary to bring our governing Constitution and Bylaws into compliance with any recent enactments approved by R.I. In addition, the committee recommends to the Board and membership those changes needed to improve the Club's operation.

Fund Raising (and Special Activities)
This committee reviews potential fund-raising activities in regard to the object of R.I., fellowship and goodwill, and the committee makes recommendations to the Board. The committee promotes the projects within the Club and enlists necessary help for success.

This committee also plans any special activities for the Club. Activities should be geared around fellowship, enjoyment and fulfillment of the Club's good works. This committee proposes the fun activities of the Club that may/may not necessarily be fund raising in nature.

Good Cheer

This committee provides valuable support to Members and their families as they cope with illness, family struggles, and death. This recognition may take many forms, but usually consists of cards and personal visits. This committee shall form a group of members who would contact and volunteer on a rotating basis to pick up any members with mobile limitations (ambulatory issues or needed assistance) and transport them to our meetings, when they want to attend. The committee members need to be on the alert as to what is going on with our members...sickness....surgery...or anyone needing personal attention. 

This committee provides the invocation or opening blessing at each weekly meeting of the Club. 
Details and weekly duty schedule will be given to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Club bulletin (Windjammer).

Meeting Day
This committee is responsible for the weekly sale of meal tickets, greeting and registering visiting Rotarians and guests, collecting meal tickets at the beginning of a buffet table and conducting a raffle for the purpose of entertainment and to raise funds for the charitable fund account. Members assigned weekly responsibilities should arrive no later than 11:45 a.m. at each meeting and should stay at their assigned positions until 12:15 p.m. This committee works closely with the Club Secretary and Administrative Coordinator to assure the meeting place is satisfactory to achieve the purpose of the Club. Details and weekly assignment schedules should be given to the Club Newsletter Editor.  

Music Committee
This committee is responsible for providing music, a piano player and a song leader at designated meeting. Details and schedule will be given to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Club bulletin (Windjammer). This committee will plan musical programs throughout the year.

Nominating Committee
This committee is responsible for finding viable candidates within its membership to be nominated for the positions of officers and directors of the Club and two trustees for the Service and Memorial Fund, all to assume office on July 1 of the following Rotary year. The committee members are selected and announced to the Club by the current Chair of the committee at the last meeting of October, with the immediate past president as the chair. The committee should meet to discuss candidates for these positions in the Club. At the second regular meeting in December, the nominating committee chair presents their report of nominations to the Club. After announcing the nominees, further nominations can be accepted from the floor. The election of officers and directors will be voted by the members in attendance at the regular Club meeting 7 days after nominations have been presented to the Club. 

Program Committee
This committee is responsible for preparing and arranging the programs for the regular and special meetings of the Club. Quarterly chairs should be established and committee members distributed evenly over the four quarters. Programs should have variety, be timely, entertaining, informative and use a diversified method of presentation. Members of the committee develop promotional material for the Club's weekly newsletter (Windjammer), serve as host for the program and make the introductions. The committee shall endeavor to coordinate programs with special events and R.I. programs. D
etails and weekly duty schedule prepared quarterly will be given to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Club bulletin (Windjammer).

Roster Committee
This committee prepares, confirms accuracy of information and prints the Membership roster of the Club. This committee contacts and offers Club members an opportunity to place an advertisement of their company or personal to be printed in the Club roster at a fee determined by the Board.

This committee assists the President in the conduct of the regular and special meetings of the Club and has such other duties as may be assigned to it from time to time by the President or the Board. This committee is responsible for the physical setup at the facility, including any audio/visual systems, flags, money donation cans, songbooks, movable platform/podium and special program materials. At the conclusion of the meetings, the assigned committee member makes sure all these items are returned to the proper storage area at the Club. 
Details and weekly duty schedule will be prepared quarterly and given to the committee members and the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Club bulletin (Windjammer).

This committee should develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment and retention of members. This committee should promote fellowship among the Members and proposed members. It is the responsibility of this committee to create an atmosphere that makes every Rotarian feel welcome and needed by the Club. This committee should encourage attendance at regular Club meetings or regular meetings of other clubs when a Member is unable to attend their own Club meeting. This committee should also encourage attendance of Club Members at club assemblies, district conferences and seminars, inter-city meetings, international conferences and conventions.

This committee devises and implements plans for informing the Members, especially new members, with an adequate understanding of the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of Rotary, along with the history, object, scope, administration, activities and meaning of Rotary. This committee assigns classifications to each Member on membership acceptance into the Club and considers re-classifications of a Member, when requested in writing due to a change in the Member's principal profession.

Comprised of four sub committees, these committees develops and implements educational, humanitarian and vocational projects that address the needs of its community and communities in other countries. This committee will be responsible for the implementation of the following areas of focus: Community, International, Vocational and Youth Service. These committees will review requests for action and funds from community and youth groups.

Community Service
This sub-committee initiates plans which will guide and assist the Members of the Club in performing programs to help improve the community in accordance with that Avenue of Service.

International Service
This sub-committee will devise and carry out projects to improve life of people around the world. The Club's primary focus is on projects to improve health, hunger and way-of-life requirements.

Vocational Service
This sub-committee will promote activities that will guide and assist the Members towards improving general standards of practice in their respective vocations and fostering high standards of practice to today's youth.

Youth Service
This sub-committee promotes and processes the Student Recognition Award scholarship, where a student from one of the local schools is awarded a scholarship for their outstanding participation in school achievements and community service activities. 
They also promote Rotary to high-school young adults, encouraging them to be involved in an Interact Club.

This committee assists the Members in making donations to the Rotary Foundation, encourages Members to contribute what they are able to annually, and informs the Club about the good works of the Rotary Foundation worldwide through these contributions. Contributions include Paul Harris Fellow recognition, sustaining membership and estate contributions (benefactor).

This area consists of two sub committees: 

WINDJAMMER (newsletter): The primary method of providing internal information is the weekly newsletter - The Windjammer. Committee members will serve as reporters and photographers to record weekly meeting programs and events. Reporters and photographers are assigned on a rotating basis, submit the material in written form, or jpegs of photos, to the bulletin (Windjammer) Editor by end of day of the following Monday/Tuesday of each Club meeting. Committee members will offer open contact with other committees of the Club to help them publicize events that will happen or have happened within the Club.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: This committee is responsible for providing the public with information about Rotary and for promoting the Club's service projects and activities in the community and internationally; to work with Rotarians in the club to maximize public relations efforts; establish available media and choose the types that will be most effective in promoting Rotary to targeted audiences; to continually strive to get the message to the community for a knowledgeable and favorable image of Rotary.