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Board of Directors Meeting
August 28, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 1:45 p.m.
Present: Bowen Depke, President; Laura Young, 1st VP; Don Zillman, 2nd VP; Loretta Rowe, Ex. Sec.; Scott Blakeslee, Treas.; Jan Chapman, Dir.; Bruce Moore, Dir.; Mac Collins, Dir.; Mike Fortunato, Sgt-at-arms; IPP Kris Rosado and Elise Hodgkin, Admin. Coordinator  
Absent:  Mac Collins, Dir. and Julie L’Heureux, Dir.            
QUORUM was established with 9 board members present.
The minutes of the July 17, 2015 Board meeting were approved as submitted.
The financial reports were reviewed. President Bowen reviewed budge for 2015-16. Approved.
            • New Membership Applications - Maxwell Chikuta - approved by email and ratified
                                                                                  David Lee - approved by email and ratified
                                                                                  Andreea Paine - approved by email and ratified
            • Resignations - None received.
            • Leaves of Absence - Carl Spang (business obligations/travelling) - July 1, 2015 to June 30,2016 –
                                             member’s dues have been paid in full until June 30, 2016.
                                             Carol Aten (family health obligations) - July 1, 2015 through December
                                              31, 2015 – member’s dues have been paid for first half of Rotary year.
            • Rule of 85 request from Roger Asch - acknowledged by the Board.
            • Political programs - due to some question as to whether they were prudent, as it has been                                                 a                  sensitive issue in the past, it was decided to allow the Program Committee to work out                                                                          reasonable issues/programs of political nature.
            •  New storage facilities at E.W.Noyes - 2 keys have been distributed to the Executive Secretary                                                                and the current President, who will pass the key on to their successors annually.
            •  The online membership application is active on the club website - instructions are on the                                                                      application.
            •  Dues: 31 members have not paid their dues for the first half of the Rotary year. Blind personal                                                               emails were sent o n8/22 reminding members of same. If not paid by 9/11/15, the remaining                                                               members still owing will be mailed a hard copy of the invoice with a deadline to remit by                                                                       September 30, 2015, advising them that their membership is in jeopardy (BOD ratified this
                action 9/13/14).
            •  Clarification of discounted dues to members under the age of 40 years old: both new and                                                                       existing members under the age of 40, must request the 50% discount in membership dues,
                as set forth by the Board of Directors. Such a discount would only need to be requested one                                                                 time, but would remain in effect until the member’s 40th birthday.
           •   RI International Convention - It was approved that the 1st VP, Laura Young, and the 2nd VP,
                Don Zillman would both attend the RI convention in 2016. Don Zillman has agreed not to                                                                     attend the RI convention in 2017. The prior-approved subsidy cap for each of their
                attendances would be in effect.
            •   Club Trading Banners: It was approved to order the minimum quantity of trading banners for                                                               the club to replenish our dwindling stock, with the addition of wording “Since 1915.”
Meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m. The next regular Board meeting will be held on September 18, 2015
at 1:35 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted
Loretta C. Rowe, Secretary
Rotary Club of Portland, ME