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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Portland, Maine!
Portland Rotary
Service Above Self
We meet Fridays at 12:15 PM
Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
88 Spring Street
Portland, ME  04101
United States
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Club Policy for Meeting Cancellation
Our club policy regarding winter storm-related cancellation of Rotary meetings is:
Please watch your local TV news/weather broadcasts on Friday mornings, in the event of a snow storm.
Rotary This Week
Portland Rotary Club
will meet this Friday, January 5, 2018
at the Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
88 Spring Street, Portland
*01/05/18 PDG Marty Helman, District Foundation Chair
Martha Peak Helman has been a member of The Rotary Foundation’s Rotary Peace Centers/Major Gifts Initiative Committee for the past two years; this year she serves as vice chair of The Foundation’s Peace/Major Gifts Initiative.

Marty has been selected to be a Training Leader at the 2018 International Assembly; she served as Trainer for the Governors-nominee at the Zone 24-32 Institute (2013 and 2017), for the Zone Rotary Future Leaders (2016), as well as for D-7780 Governors-elect (2015-16 and 2019-20). She has been a President’s representative (2016); she frequently facilitates at the Rotary Leadership Institute (since 2009) and Northeast PETS (since 2013). She started and continues to edit the Zone 24-32 monthly newsletter (2013-present). Marty currently serves as District 7780’s Foundation Chair (2015-18); she was a “Peace Through Service” District Governor in 2012-13.

She and her husband Frank are multiple Major Donors and Bequest Society members, and through the corporate support of the Otto and Fran Walter Foundation, they are Arch Klumph Society members. Marty and Frank are members of the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club in District 7780, which they joined in 2003.
Marty graduated from Connecticut College cum laude and holds her master’s in teaching (secondary) from Pace University. In her professional career, she has been both a writer and an editor; she has put that experience to good stead in her Rotary work, authoring “Rewriting the Future,” about a literacy support organization in Guatemala, and most recently, editing “String of Pearls,” a book about and fundraiser for the Rotary Peace Centers.
12/29/17 Kay Mann, Green Power Energy in Maine

Bob Martin, introduced our speaker, Ms. Kay Mann of the Maine Green Power Program. The continuous clamor declaring global warming as the executioner of plant earth has created sufficient concern that alternative power sources are replacing alternative truths in the mind of many and Ms. Mann is the spokesperson for a source of choice for Maine citizens seeking relief from carbon-fueled sources of power. While most have heard and defer to the “Standard Offer”  with CMP, there are alternatives to consider and the Maine Green Power Program is a source of alternatives to the common carbon-based electric generation sources. 

Ms. Mann pulled back the curtains and introduced us to green sources of power made available to those who disdain the carbon way and want to go green.

The complex web of power generation and delivery was explained and access to alternatives were discussed. For decades the world has been reliant on the standard carbon methods of electric power generation: coal, oil, gas, and other mineral-based heat sources. We have been accustomed to a single choice when it comes to the electricity we use in our homes and businesses, with sourcing never something we had any control over. There are many who think that relying on “green" sources of power is a way to save the planet and would like to have a way to bring clean power into their homes. Kay provided us with a way to go green without having solar panels or windmills on our property.

We can enhance our electric power with healthy options, if we make the choice and are willing to pay more. The average home uses about 530 kilowatts hours of electricity per month which produces about 300 pounds of carbon pollution. If one chooses to avoid the carbon-emitting fuel sources they can do so by making the choice to buy “Recs” from their delivery source that rely on sustainable, non-carbon emitting power sources, such as solar and wind-generated energy. These sources are renewable and are local, clean and readily available. Furthermore, they are an income-generating resource, if developed and enthusiastically embraced by Maine. 

Understanding the power grid is a first step in developing a green energy resources. Our power is delivered through ISO New England, which includes CMP and Bangor Hydro, and they utilize a variety of power sources, including wind and solar. However, they are not going to develop sources that they can’t make money from, which is where the “Recs” come in. If we, as consumers, want green-based electricity we have to pay an additional $8.95 per rec to support the development of the clean grid. One way to better understand the source and its impact is to go modern and get an app for that. 

The favorite energy app of Senator Angus King is “ISO to Go,” which provides information on transmission and the implications of choice. If you want to move away from the Standard Offer for your electricity, you can contact the Maine Green Power Program and they will walk you through the process or you can access CMP or Bangor Hydro and make a voluntary choice to transition to a green power source. Almost as easy as it is to flip a switch and turn on the lights, you can make a switch to a sustainable, local-based, non-polluting power source and do your part in helping to deliver a healthy and beautiful earth to our successors.

For more information, go to:

(Photo L-R: Bob Martin, Kay Mann and 1st Vice President John Curran.)



12/29/17 Bits & Pieces

First VP John Curran filled in admirably for President Don Zillman, who will be back from New Mexico for our next meeting. John welcomed three visitors, including a son and grandson of two of our members, and one visiting Rotarian, Moises Silfren, from La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Moises (photo at right with Roger Fagan) thanked us all for our efforts with the “3-H Project" over the past many years. Moises, whose parents are Haitian and who was born in a sugar field bate, has seen our good works in his position at the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana. He thanked us for helping the poor-but-proud people who work so hard in the area and his words were rewarded with a check, presented by Roger Fagan, for $5250 for water filters. This wonderful gift made the trip, with his family (who wanted to experience a Maine winter and were rewarded heartily!) all the more enjoyable for Moises, who is an active Rotarian and former District Governor on his home island.

Past President Alan Nye offered an uplifting invocation, asking for many “new” blessings in the new year and hoping to find many wonderful “Rotary projects, successes and friends” in the year to come.

Past President Jim Willey led the Pledge of Allegiance and Past President Russ Burleigh tickled the ivories for both “God Bless America” and “Old Lang Syne,” which was led by Ron Bennett, who is celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss this week.

David Clough conducted the weekly raffle, which has skyrocketed to $1242, and Past President Laura Young took a shot at trying to find the elusive Queen of Hearts, but she came up short with the six of hearts. 

Mike Fortunato offered an update and a reply to a recent Portland Press Herald article regarding The Long Creek Youth Development Center, where Portland Rotarians have been serving up monthly good cheer for over four years now. After seeing the holiday joy in the eyes of these troubled youth during the December visit, Mike feels strongly that the center is giving these 56 young people the structure they need and hope that they deserve. Congrats and thanks to everyone from our club who has touched the lives of these young folks.

Past President Russ Burleigh offered up thanks to all who have given yarn to his wife Joan, who continues with her amazing efforts at supplying hand-knitted mittens to children in need. With 140 pairs offered up to students at Lyseth School, there were enough to go around to kids at both Riverton and Presumpscot Schools at well. This is a wonderful and longstanding effort by a very generous family. Thanks to the Burleigh/Steinbergs and to all of the Portland Rotarians who have provided wool and cash to help aid in this much-needed project. 

Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries


Member Birthdays
  1st - Ali Abdullahi
12th - Tony Manhart
23rd - Steve Stromsky
24th - Matt Tassey
28th - Don Lowry
29th - Judy Cavalero
29th - David Smith
30th - Amy Chipman   

Date-Joined-Rotary Anniversaries
   1st -  Liz Fagan - 14 years
            Dick Hall - 33 years
            John Marr - 23 years
            Mark Millar - 31 years

            Bruce Moore - 17 years
            Alan Nye - 34 years
            Mark Stimson - 51 years
            Tom Sukley - 32 years
    6th - Ben Millick - 1 year
  14th - Bowen Depke - 13 years
  20th - Julie Chase - 1 year

            Steve Mortimer - 1 year
            Ogy Nikolic - 1 year
            Terry St. Angelo - 1 year
  23rd - Ellen Niewoehner - 20 years
  25th - Rich Campbell - 18 years


This Week's Duty Assignments

Invocation:  Paul Tully
Program Reporter:  Julie L'Heureux
Bits & Pieces Reporter:  Jake Bourdeau
Registration/Greeter:   Chris Thomas
Sell Meal Tickets:  Loretta Rowe
Raffle:  David Clough
Badge Box:  Jerry Angier
Collect Meal Tickets:  Jan Chapman 
Song Leader:  ___?___
Keyboard Player:  Russ Burleigh
Sgt-at-Arms (Setup):  Bruce Moore
Sgt-at-Arms (Take Down):  Dave Putnam

Rotary Meeting Locations

If you would like to mark your calendars,
we are scheduled at the following locations
through March 2018:

Jan 05 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
Jan 12 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay

Jan 19 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
Jan 26 - Clarion Hotel

Feb 02 - Clarion Hotel
Feb 09 - Clarion Hotel

Feb 16 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
Feb 23 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay

Mar 02 - Clarion Hotel
Mar 09 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
Mar 16 - tbd
Mar 23 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay
Mar 30 - Holiday Inn By-the-Bay

Blue BOLD dates are scheduled Board meeting days.

Any questions, please contact Loretta at:

Volunteer Opportunities
Following is a list of our Club's volunteer projects. If you know of other opportunities, please contact Loretta:

Project              Who to Contact

Preble Street        4th Wednesday ea month
Resource Ctr        4-6:30 pm
Soup Kitchen        Gracie Johnston

Game Night         3rd Tuesday ea month
Long Creek          Mike Fortunato
Youth Center
                           or Jim Willey


Item Donations Needed
The following items are needed on an on-going basis. Please feel free to bring them to a meeting where we will collect and distribute them to the appropriate projects.
Crutches4Africa - Crutches, canes, folding walkers and wheelchairs to be shipped to Africa.
Toiletries for the Shelters - Collect those tiny bottles of toiletries you are paying for during your next hotel visit and bring them home for members of our society who find themselves staying at a shelter and in need of personal hygiene products.
Prospective Rotarians

As we receive applications for prospective members to join our Portland Rotary Club, the names of the applicants will be included in our Windjammer. Any information and/or comments you would like to share will be handled confidentially. Please contact Loretta Rowe: Your input will be appreciated.

PROSPECT                 BUSINESS

Xavier Botana              Portland Public Schools
(Don Zillman)

Kim D'Amaro               The Salvation Army
(Jim Willey)

David Ertz                   DBE Consulting Services
(Bruce Jones)

Jesse Harvey               Journey House Sober Living
(Gracie Johnston)

Alex Kappelman           Locations Real Estate Group
(Ben Millick)

Megan Peabody            Learning Works
(Laura Young)

Thank you.